Club Championship

2015 Results

2017 Results


Round 1

Saturday 29th April, 2017 - Dirt Track

Sponsored by: MD Steel Fabrication & Complete

Plumbing & Gasfitting Centre

Round 2 -

Sunday 30th April, 2017 - Dirt Track

Sponsored by :  ExtraMile Motocycles

Round 3

Sunday 21st May - Motocross

Sponsored by:A1 Mobile Auto 

Electrician & air Conditioning

Round 4

Sunday 16th July, 2017 - Motocross

Sponsored by: KicXStart Motorcycles

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2018 Results

Round 1 - Motocross

Sunday 20th May, 2018

Sponsored by: Forbes Small Engines, Motul & Link International

Round 2 - Dirt Track Club Day

Sunday 21st October, 2018

Sponsored by :  

Round 3 - Motocross

Saturday 27th October, 2018

Sponsored by: 

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Point score Championship results for 2014

50cc High Power

1st Jade Chellas

2nd Danielle McDonald

3rd Connor Richards

65cc 10-11yrs

1st Lachlan Miller

2nd Noah Godfrey


65cc 10-12yurd
85cc 12-15yrs

1st Jeremy Hodges

2nd Cody Amberge

3rd Brody Mapperson

Senior Ladies



All Powers
All Powers

1st Nic Tomlinson

2nd Hayden Foran

3rd Tom Hocking

1st Ben Cook

1st Grant Oxenbridge

2nd Tom Hocking

3rd Riley Horan

Over 35's Class

1st Stephen Brodie

2nd Mick Sutton

3rd Nathan Lowe

Classic Unlimited

1st Steve McDonald

2nd Andrew Smith

3rd Mick Sutton

Jnr Trail 9-11yrs

1st Tom Drane

2nd Jasper Freebain

3rd Broc White

65cc 7-9yrs

1st Luke Chellas

2nd Jade Chellas

3rd Naite Berry

85cc 9-11yrs

1st Luke Chellas

2nd Justin Harrow

3rd Bailee Williams

Junior Lites

1st  Jye Gosper

2nd William Sutton

3rd Tyler Amberge

Senior Lites

1st Ben Cook

2nd Cameron Harvey

3rd Stephen Brodie


1st Tom Hocking

2nd Ben Cook

2nd Grant Oxenbridge

3rd Steve McDonald

Pee Wee Nippers

Beau Bailey

Cooper Freebairn

Holly Hope Hodgetts

Hugh Hope Hodgetts

Dylan McDonald

Georgia Drane

Sam Drane

Jnr Trail 12-15yrs

1st Myles Harland



Perpetual Trophy winners for 2015

Most Consistent for 2015 - William Sutton

Most Improved for 2015 - Cameron Harvey

Sportsmanship Award for 2015- Blake Maslin

Don Hooper Memorial Dirt Track Award for 2015 - Tom Drane

Junior Club Champion for 2015 - Jeremy Hodges
Jade Chellas

Senior Club Champion for 2015 - Stephen Brodie

Jarrod Acret Memorial Award for 2015 - Bernard Horan
Zorb Stibbard

Presidents Award for 2015 - Lindsey Rankmore

Clubperson of the Year for 2015 - Haley Hope-Hodgetts

Life Membership Awarded to - Kim Acret

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